Breaking News: Invisible – Fibromyalgia Film Closer to the Screen


It is a film about fibromyalgia – a long overdue treatment of this terrible pain syndrome.

The film is called (appropriately) Invisible: The Film

Desperate to help his mother fight her symptoms, filmmaker Nick Demos (and Tony Award-winning producer) meets a young athlete, a human rights advocate, a migrant on disability, and a woman whose life is cut too short – all in different stages of Fibromyalgia.

The film–which is set to be released in 2017–traces how Fibromyalgia affects their careers, dreams, and relationships. It also exposes their fight with insurance and drug companies for proper treatment and how their access to holistic health and education is determined by class and money. Will Nick be able to find answers, or is his mother already a best case scenario in a broken healthcare system?

Sami Jankins is a co-producer of the film, which is moving into post-production.

“We asked every person interviewed for this film, “What is Fibromyalgia?” The answer is never consistent, and for those who don’t have it there is a lack of urgency to find the answer,” she said.

“Why is there no urgency?” she asked.

“The illnesses that no one sees, even more so, illnesses that could potentially trigger or be triggered by all of these other conditions that are indeed fatal. Fibromyalgia has yet to have the limelight because it doesn’t kill you, in the technical sense. But those in the Fibromyalgia community will tell you how deteriorating this syndrome can be if they don’t receive the empathy, the lifestyle education, and the community support that all of their fatal counterparts already get. It continues to be a controversial topic, though millions prove the illness is real and rampant.”

The film, which is moving into post-production has been underwritten by donations. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so by clicking here.

With Invisible being completely donation-funded, the team hopes that the film will spark enough interest to become a docuseries where we can continue to highlight invisible illnesses that are also stigmatized, lacking notoriety, or completely misunderstood.

When the film is completed, the producers will enter in a number of film festivals soon.

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