chest pain


There are different forms of chest pain, some are of high pain and some are of low pain. A serious form of chest pain is angina. In most of the cases, the pain travels from the neck to the jaw and then slowly come to the arm .


A serious form of chest pain (angina) is a symptom of heart disease. Most of the symptoms of chest pain are as follows:

2: sharp or dull pain in chest, neck, or arms, and back,

3: squeezing sensation,

4: shortness of breath,

5: lightheadedness,

6: dizziness,

7: stabbing or burning sensations,

Chest pain can also be due to a heart attack , rib injury or disease, anxiety and other important diseases. Do not ignore chest pain later it can be so harmful try to consult a doctor whenever gets a chest pain because its tough to guess about chest pain.

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